RESULTS CONTACT Innovative, non-invasive, precise & safe method -
scalp micropigmentation is a solution
for people struggling with hair loss.
Scar concealment REVIEWS CONTACT Discreet, delicate with attention to detail - scar concealment
with micropigmentation helps to forget about difficult experiences.
Adding men's
PRICING CONTACT Tested solution, simple rule, satisfying effect & better self-esteem -
adding density by scalp micropigmentationm method
solves men's common problems.


Micropigmentation Gdańsk / Gdynia

The non-invasive micropigmentation treatment consists in manually implanting pigment into the epidermal layer. It allows to obtain a safe, lasting many years and entirely natural effect. Micropigmentation differs basically from tattooing where pigment is implanted into the dermal layer and remains there permanently; this is avoided in the micropigmentation treatment. This is particularly important at the later age when due to the changes occurring with ageing in each skin type hair follicle hue may change, the pigment may blur, and the natural effect may be distorted.

Scalp micropigmentation


In scalp micropigmentation, every dot is equally important for us. Their tone and density are chosen with regard to the remaining hair follicles. This way we obtain the effect of a natural shaved head. This is possible primarily due to the highest commitment and concentration during the treatment.

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Medical micropigmentation

The non-invasive micropigmentation treatment consists in manually implanting pigment into the epidermal layer.

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Adding density

Adding density

The treatment allows to obtain the imitation of dense hair, which improves the appearance, mental comfort, and overall well-being.

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Scar concealment

Scar concealment

The treatment consists in concealing the scarred spots by creating the illusion of the existence of hair follicles with use of pigment.

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Hair micropigmentation

For micropigmentation treatments we use dedicated equipment and proven top-quality products, which, in combination with diligent work and experience allow to obtain the results totally – in a positive way – altering the image of a given person. At the same time, these alterations are so discreet that often even people closest to the client are not fully aware of their emergence, although they see the positive transformation of the client. The SMP treatment improves the attractiveness, increases the audacity and self-confidence.

In the micropigmentation treatment, precision of work and the selection of appropriate pigment is critical. Speaking of pigments, it must be stressed that it is essential to use only pigments dedicated solely to SMP treatments – due both to their texture and composition. The pigment is being embedded in epidermis and its discolouration into any resultant colour as well as its harmful effect is impermissible.

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We don’t charge any fees for the consultation regarding scalp micropigmentation, and such consultation does not obligate you to undergo the treatment.

It is difficult to notice the difference between the effect of micropigmentation and natural hair follicles. Although it might be possible from a distance of a few centimetres, in everyday functioning the effect is so natural that cannot be told from the natural one.

We offer a wide selection of pigments, but all of them are a shades of grey – up to the black one. In our SMP treatments we use pigments specially designed to this purpose, which contain only black colour and its shades, thus preventing its discolouration in the long-term. The colour fades gradually, and we perform the refreshing treatment after about 2 to 3 years.

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