Adding density

Increasing hair density with the scalp micropigmentation technique is a treatment intended mainly for those who struggle with slightly thinning hair or hair gaps. Based on our observations, this problem affects both men and women.

In women, hair loss may be caused, among others, by the following factors:

– excessive stress,
– hyperthyroidism,
– anaemia,
– pregnancy,
– reactions to drugs (including contraceptives),
– menopause,
– genetic predispositions.

In men, baldness occurs predominantly in the result of:

– hormone disorders,
– vitamin and trace element deficiency,
– stress,
– fungal infections,
– autoimmune diseases.

Before you decide to undergo the micropigmentation treatment, we recommend the consultation with a specialist in order to determine – if possible – the causes of hair loss and the potential therapeutic treatments or procedures.

Micropigmentation does not eliminate the root causes of the problem but provides the effect of the added density of scalp hair with the imitation of hair in the growth phase. This in turn has a huge effect on the well-being, mental comfort and appearance of a given person.