How is it with micropigmentation? Quite simple! The first step is to make an appointment for a consultation at the SMP-CENTER clinic or, in exceptional situations, in the case of a significant distance, carry out the initial interview by phone with possible video conference and additional photos. During such consultation we discuss possible solutions or potential contraindications and we prepare the preliminary calculation. We recommend the consultation at the clinic, as it facilitates the diagnosis of the problem and provides the opportunity to make the “initial drawing” directly on the scalp, to a large extent reflecting the target effect of the treatment. The project is always customised to the head shape and consulted with the client, so as to make it unique, tailor-made and 100% adapted for the future owner of micro-hairs.

Then we arrange for a visit during which the first treatment will be carried out.

Should the client be concerned or take any special preparations? There is no such need! The treatment is non-invasive and almost entirely painless. These are single, delicate pricks which do not require anaesthesia. Prior to the treatment, in the case of the shaved head technique, we cut the remaining hair to “zero” and then we shave the head with an electric face shaver. It is possible to shave your head at the SMP-CENTER.

We can start the procedure. During the treatment the client rests in a comfortable armchair and just has to relax while waiting for the change brought by his new “micro-hairs”. He or she can choose to talk with the professional performing the treatment or a blissful silence is this is just what he or she needs. In the pleasant atmosphere time passes quickly, and the new image is ready!

A slight redness immediately after the treatment is a normal thing, so it is best to plan a relaxation in the privacy of home and let the skin regenerate. You should avoid visits to a gym or sauna, as well as refrain from excessive physical activity for another 3 or 4 days. It is also important to pay special attention to scalp hygiene by changing bedclothes and washing caps, especially in winter. You shouldn’t shave your head at that time, and use clean water with no shampoo when bathing or showering. All these instructions are provided before and after the treatment with the aim to avoid the infection of freshly irritated skin.

The redness mentioned above in most cases becomes invisible on the next day after the treatment. The further healing process lasts about 30 days, as the pigment in the skin gets stabilised. In the initial phase of healing, a slight “elevation” (darkening) of the implanted micro-hairs may be observed. Later the pigmentation lightens slightly, remaining in the shade of the natural remaining hair follicles or a bit lighter shade.

After the healing is completed and the pigment stabilised, the second treatment, so-called touch-up, can be performed. Its purpose is to even out the colour tone of the micro-haircut and supplement the potential pigmentation areas.