Scar concealment

The traces of minor or major scars may be found on many heads. Some of them are slight – often acquired in childhood and youth. Others, the more visible ones, are the result of major injuries, cuts or burns. The largest scars are the effect of major surgical treatments and transplants, being the evidence of difficult and often uneven fight with hair loss.

Whatever the circumstances in which the scars occurred, our SMP Center offers the opportunity to undergo the micropigmentation treatment for scar concealment. These treatments are used by both women and men for whom it is important to eliminate all aesthetic imperfections connected with the mementoes of past experiences.

Micropigmentation aimed at concealing scars provides the effect imitating the growing hair – or more precisely, the visible virtual hair follicles. The work in the scarred area always needs increased attention, thus requiring additional expertise from the person who performs the treatment.

SMP Center is a place where the scar concealment treatments are performed by the best professionals having a specialist knowledge, using the state-of-the-art techniques and proven materials.