Medical micropigmentation using the technique of a shaved head is a treatment characterised with a high durability of results. In this treatment, only specially designed pigments are used which do not cause allergic reactions.

Micropigmentation using the technique of a shaved head is recommended for those who are struggling with problems of aesthetic nature resulting from the factors including:

– androgenic alopecia (or pattern hair loss)
– alopecia areata (or patchy hair loss)
– cicatricial alopecia (or scarring hair loss)
– total hair loss being the result of illness
(in case of chemotherapy, an appropriate convalescence period of approximately 6 months and a written permission of a doctor is required)

The treatment consists in implanting pigment into epidermis with the use of a very thin needle. It is entirely safe and – which is worth knowing – reversible.

Medical micropigmentation allows us to obtain not only the aesthetic effect, but also – which is more important in many cases – a considerable psychological effect. In people who underwent micropigmentation treatment, mental well-being improved considerably.

Scalp micropigmentation allows to conceal hair loss. The pigment implanted into the skin gives the illusion of existing hair follicles, i.e. imitates hairiness. This way, not only the optical reduction of baldness, but also hiding scars or hyper-pigmentation is possible.