The effects of micropigmentation are best assessed after the scalp has healed completely; nevertheless, they are satisfactory already after several days from the first treatment. The clients themselves usually joke that they “got the problem out of their hair”. They enjoy the great effects, because with this “minor” change they improve their image significantly.

A client before the treatment, with large scalp areas devoid of natural hair follicles. We carried out the discussion, during which potential contraindications were explained. We explained the pigmentation technique and presented the project of the “micro haircut”. Final effect one month after the treatment. A natural look of the renewed haircut is the key.

Comparison – still before the treatment and immediately after touch-up. There is visible slight redness, making pigment look a bit “padded”, and sometimes a little uneven on some areas. This is absolutely normal phenomenon which resolves quickly. During healing, the pigment stabilises in the skin, creating the effect consistent with natural hair follicles.

The client, highly satisfied with the first micropigmentation, after a month returned for the second treatment, called the touch-up. The efficiently and painlessly performed treatment allowed for a moment of relax in the rush of everyday life. During the second meeting we complemented and evened out the hue of micro-hairs, to achieve the perfect effect.

Photos made during the treatment. The effect after the first pigmentation treatment. Standard slight redness. The “sharper” edge proposed at the hairline design stage fully met the client’s expectations.

Life is the art of making choices, i.e. optimising the solutions to various needs and problems.
In most cases of hair loss, the optimal solution is micropigmentation at the SMP-CENTER.